In 1992 the Kiwanis Foundation of Palmer Township was formed as a 501 (c)(3) charitable organization with the goal of supplementing the charitable interests of the Kiwanis Club of Palmer Township.   The Foundation has been funded by legacies and bequests, as well as contributions from members of the Kiwanis Club of Palmer Township and the general public.



Each year, the Foundation Board will determine the amount of the grant to be made, and the agency, or agencies, to receive the grant. Grants will be distributed during the month of September, at a regular meeting of the Palmer Kiwanis Club.


The ongoing task of the Foundation is to receive donations and to make prudent investments so that additional funds may be distributed each year. The Foundation is registered through the Internal Revenue Service as a charity to which tax deductible donations may be made. Donations in any amount or in any form will be gratefully accepted. Small donations, when pooled over the years can accrue significantly. If you would like to make a donation to help further the Foundation causes, please contact anyone on the list below.


Board of Trustees 2013 -2014



Mr. Chuck Lewis, President

Mr. Robert Pretopapa, Vice President

Ms. Santa Wright, Secretary

Ms. Ginny Yanzsa, Treasurer

Board Members

Dan McMahon

Debbie Ashton-Chase

Jim Brown

Jim Mack

Ed McDevitt


Rob Pretopapa, Financial Advisor

Ken Kochey, Member Emeritus

Clarence Serfass, Member Emeritus


Contact information:


Kiwanis Foundation of Palmer Township

Grant Program

PO Box 3165

Palmer, PA 18043

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Kiwanis Club of Palmer Township

PO Box 3165

Palmer, PA 18043